I’m so fed up with this fandom. i didn’t say anything after 412, because i thought maybe it would pass, but it just got worse. we got one scene in said episode and since that wasn’t enough for people, they started making sets with Klaus’ speech to Damon. i can’t even properly describe how very disgusted i was by the amount of elena-choosing-stefan-sets made by delena fans.

I don’t even get why some people ship DamonandElena, if they have zero faith in them. I know that the writers have toyed with this ship for long enough, but there is absolutely no point in analyzing every single scene Elena shares with Stefan just to prove that she is going to go back to him later. If you think this is the right way to go, you clearly chose the wrong ship.

Let’s just be realistic for one moment - the people that watch the show right now pretty much all want Elena to be with Damon. if she goes back to Stefan now, there is no way Damon would ever trust her with what she says about her feelings again. don’t you people get that all this angst is just to keep us excited? just because they don’t vomit rainbows on each other in every scene they share, doesn’t mean she is gonna run back to Stefan in the next episode…

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